What is Attunement?

The Northport Attunement Center, located on the beautiful north shore of Long Island, NY

We are each endowed with an inherent capacity to live in harmony with the pulsation of Spirit. But layers of tension often interfere and result in what we label illness and disease. Attunement reestablishes the balance of body, mind and heart with the rhythms of Source. This alignment brings one to a place of stillness and a sense of well-being, a place where healing can occur naturally.

Attunement is an approach to healing based on the premise that the body is a dynamic, self-healing expression of a deeper spiritual self. Attunement brings the recipient into vital connection with a place of inner stillness and peace.

Share Attunement in order to:
• Deeply relax and restore energy
• Support the healing process
• Help facilitate transitions
• Deepen connection with the Source of Life
• Provide support for others

Our Ministry
The Reverends David and Judy Hunt offer attunement, coaching, spiritual counseling, inspirational talks and ceremonies from the Northport Attunement Center, in Northport, Long Island, NY.